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5 Microneedling Myths Holding You Back from Glowing Skin

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Myth One -

Microneedling Really Hurts

The most common question when it comes to microneedling is “does it hurt?” and the answer is simple. Yes, microneedling used to be a lot more painful than it is today, which is probably where this myth originated, but the treatment of microneedling and the technology we use has changed a lot over time, especially with the introduction of the Dermapen 4™, which arrived in salon last month. Packed full of technical features, including the oscillating (up and down) motion, incredible speed, high quality needles, mean that a Dermapen Treatment is now so comfortable that numbing cream is no longer required. (Yay- we never liked that stuff anyway)

If the idea of needles still makes you a little nervous, you can take a panodol tablet before you come in. Just make sure you don't have a nurofen as this reduces the inflammation in your skin, which is exactly what were trying to create. Honestly though, if I (who has no pain tolerance) can have microneedling done, and a peel added on top, post treatment. You'll be just fine =)

Dermpen4 for all skin types

Myth Two -

I Need to Take Time Off Work to Recover

The short microneedling recovery timeline might surprise you. Dermapen Treatments are considered a lunchtime procedure. For most concerns, the endpoint will be no more than pinpoint bleeding and erythema, which will quickly heal. We use correct in salon protocols, including the 3D SCULPTURED FACE MASK and COVER RECOVER, you can get back to your usual daily life immediately following a treatment.

*You can take home a DP Dermaceuticals Aftercare kit (all the products we use in treatment and a 3d sculptured face mask) COMPLIMENTARY to use to cool and hydrate your skin at home when you purchase a 3 package of treatments for $650 instead of $255 each.

DP aftercare kit

Myth Three -

Derma Rolling Is the Same as Dermapen Microneedling

While the theory behind Derma rolling vs Dermapen microneedling is the same, rest assured they are two very separate things. Rolling can create considerably more trauma in the skin thanks to the arching cut it makes within the skin as the device is rolled over.

Dermapen 4™ on the other hand, uses Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needle (AOVN) Technology, so the very sharp and sterile needles are inserted in an up and down motion, preserving the skin’s integrity and providing the ideal balance between optimal results and minimal downtime.

And, Dermapen needling cartridges are sterile and single-use, eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination , a risk you take with repeated derma rolling devices.

Myth Four -

It Takes Too Long to See Results

It’s true, Dermapen microneedling is not an overnight solution. That’s because the benefits come from a natural cascading response in the skin. This takes a few days for the skin to move from an inflammatory response to proliferation before reaching the maturation stage. The good news is that this final stage where the skin increases in strength (thanks to new mature collagen) and elasticity (thanks to elastin) lasts the longest, from 21 days up to 2 years.

You may see results after just 1 session; however, those results will intensify with repeat treatments spaced out at appropriate intervals (we will advise you on the right treatment plan for your skin). Thanks to our in salon protocols and potent actives in Dp Dermaceuticals products, we’re seeing maximum results in less time than ever before.

Myth Five -

It's just an anti-ageing Treatment

Yes, Dermapen Microneedling triggers a healing response in your skin, boosts collagen and elastin production resulting in a smoother, younger-looking skin with less visible lines and wrinkles, but that's not all it’s capable of.

The revolutionary technology also reduces pigmentation (think age spots, sun spots and even melasma), it helps to revise scarring (from keloid to pitted acne scars, tightens pores, and restores the hair's lustrous body.

With a touch of the button, different depths and speeds target your skin concerns identified by us, we can provide a custom mixed mesotherapy cocktail of actives applied to get deep in the skin and reverse your concerns.

No matter your skin concern, Dermapen Treatments have a holistic solution.

Don’t Let Myths & Excuses Hold You Back

There are plenty of myths about microneedling circulating on the internet, but there's one fact that cant be denied: the best person to advise you about your skin and microneedling is a trained skin professional, (us) not an anonymous forum poster or doctor Google!

WINTER is the best time to begin your microneedling journey as it allows for better healing conditions for your skin, your less likely to be out at the beach in exposed sun and is more comfortable as your not likely to sweat.

Want talk about your facial options or try Dermapen Microdneedling for yourself?

Book in here for a complimentary skin consultation in salon with either Lauren or I.

We'll be able to see what the best treatment plan is for your skin and your goals.

TAKE ADVANTAGE of our winter special-

*You can take home a DP Dermaceuticals Aftercare kit (all the products we use in treatment and a 3d sculptured face mask) COMPLIMENTARY (valued at $38) to use to cool and hydrate your skin at home when you purchase a 3 package of treatments for $650 instead of $255 each.

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