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Updated: Sep 18, 2022


"Life can get so busy that we neglect the most important person in our lives: ourselves.

Most of the many incredible women I know give so much to others and almost nothing to themselves.

It was actually my acupuncturist who convinced me I needed to focus on self love this year.

He used those two words: “self” “love” and of course I’d read them before but was too busy to actually stop to think about them deeply.

I thought self love was making a pot of tea but it turns out, it’s much more than that.

At the same time, I was looking for a new beautician closer to home and stumbled on the Self Love Lounge.

I thought it was a sign and it turns out it was.

Because not only is Morgan Johnston a gorgeous soul who makes you feel like you are beautiful just the way you are, she also happens to give the most indulgent facials I’ve ever had.

They are so good, I’ve been booking in for one every six weeks. When it feels like I’m drowning in life, just the thought of an upcoming appointment can get me through.

I’m well into my fourth decade and have had my fair share of fancy and sometimes well over priced facials.

Quite regularly in the past twenty years I’ve booked in for a facial in the hope it will make me feel better about myself but the whole process has made me feel far worse.

Other beauticians have rubbed expensive creams into my face and talked at me the entire time about all the things I’m doing wrong and need to fix.

And if that’s happened to you too then you’ll know that when you go out to pay you will be shown multiple products that will bring you back to beautiful.

But that’s not the way they do things at the Self Love Lounge at Milton.

And none of the facials I’ve ever had, have ever been as indulgent and delicious.

This is not a paid contra review or even a favor for a gorgeous beautician - I’m writing this because I honestly believe - hand on my heart - that Morgan gives the best facials.

I had one today and kind of floated out of the treatment room feeling lighter and brighter.

She’s got little tricks and magical movements.

I can’t give away too much of course because they’re not my tricks but I pinky promise you that you will not be disappointed.

I will tell you that she does this calming circular motion thingy with her thumb and pointer finger and as she rubs your face, the stress seeps out from your body.

I drift off into a semi sleepy state as her fingers dance across my cheek bones up onto my forehead, down my nose and around my eyes, over and over and over again.

It’s hands down possibly the best gift you will give yourself or someone you love a lot.

The products she uses are not pretentious or overpriced and she doesn’t push them on you.

But you will probably ask her about them anyway because they smell divine.

The hot towel always brings me back down to earth and signals it’s about to come to an end but even that is soothing.

And I always walk out feeling refreshed and restored and more importantly enough and that’s a fabulous feeling.

11/10 infinity stars best bloody facial going!"

-Tracy Jones

Self Love Lounge Client

This is one of the kindest reviews we have ever received! It makes our heart skip a beat and brings tears to our eyes. We are so proud of the treatments and space we have created just for you. We love and value your feedback and opinion's. If you're like our beautiful client Tracy and looking for a new wellness space to take care of all of you, come see us, we're located Suite 4, 41 Park Road, Milton Brisbane 4064.

You can book a facial treatment here or follow us on socials for skin tips and inspiration Instagram and facebook. We also host Workshops in salon, our next one is on Saturday 30th July at 4.30pm. Come try our new Skin Collection on your skin, with the Eco by Sonya organic and vegan range. Ask all your skin questions in a space space, connect with others, eat skin loving snacks, sip hot tea while your face mask sets, learn how to use Jade rollers & gua sha techniques with us. We'll close out the evening with a group self love meditation.

Saturday 30th July 4.30pm at Self Love Lounge, Milton.

Vegan Skincare Workshop- Event link here for more details and ticket link.

Love Morgan & Lauren xxx

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