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How To Deal With Mask Breakouts

While Victoria is still in lockdown, and the use of masks is still quite prevalent, I thought it would be a good time to share some information about Mask Acne, or "mask-ne" (Yup, its a real thing!). While it's absolutely necessary for some of us to wear masks in order to counteract the spread of Covid-19, the spread of acne from wearing our masks isn't something we should have to worry about.

We've all heard of, or have even experienced, acne and "mask-ne" is quite similar to this condition. It begins with friction from your mask against your skin, causing irritation and damage to the skin's protective barrier, resulting in red, blotchy skin or breakouts. Another way to look at it is when we talk and breathe, hot air and humidity gets trapped under our mask, which is a breeding ground for yeast and bacteria to grow and the result is dry skin, fine pimples and pustules, which appear around the nose and mouth.

Another cause of outbreaks from mask-wearing is the result of sweating under your mask. Working long hours in the salon, and running around on our feet all day, can cause us to showcase that "perspiration glow" on our skin from time to time! Throw in a face mask on top of that, and we completely understand this side effect! Due to excess moisture under your mask, which causes bacteria to become trapped in your pores, nasty blockages can occur and consequently, breakouts appear on the skin's surface. It's the perfect conditions for acne-causing bacteria to grow.

OK, so now you know what "mask-ne" is, where it comes from and, if you're suffering from it, you may be asking, "What can I do about it?" Following these instructions can help to reduce the nasty side-effects of wearing PPE face masks on a daily basis:

  • Avoid wearing a lot of make up under your mask 💄

  • Keep on top of your skincare routine everyday, both morning and evening 🧽🧼🛁

  • Wash your face as soon as you get home from work (this is a personal favorite) as it helps to get you into a relaxed mood 💆

  • Exfoliate your skin 1-2 times per week 💁

  • Avoid touching your face (you can spread bacteria so easily by doing this) 🙅👧🚫

  • Santitse - wash your hands with an anti-bacterial liquid wash regularly 👐👏🖐️

  • Wash your mask daily or use disposable ones 😷

  • LED Facials can really help, due to the blue light component 💡(Dermalux Flex helps by triggering a variety of skin-enhancing processes by using controlled levels of near-infrared, blue and red lights, which are clinically proven to be super beneficial to the skin 💁)

If you're currently suffering from skin breakouts, whether it's from wearing a mask, or from experiencing high levels of stress (because let's face it, who can escape stress whilst going through a global Pandemic!) then book in a skin consultation with us here and we're looking forward to seeing you in the salon soon

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