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How to take care of dry skin in lockdown

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

27th April 2020

On a recent poll on Instagram 50% of you said you skin was looking dry and dull.

I wanted to explore this with you and help to find some solution's. Even if you don't follow us on socials (you're missing out FOLLOW US) you may be experiencing these skin concerns too.

How is your skin feeling, right now?

Go on feel your skin (make sure hands are clean first!) Touch your cheek, does it feel soft, rough, smooth, warm, bumpy, cool to touch? Now raise your brows up and down a few times. Does it feel tight and restricted or is it completely comfortable.

Now look in the mirror, can you see any redness, breakouts, shininess on your nose, or does it look dull and matte? Is there a dark mark that you haven't noticed before?

Do you keep getting a pimple in the same area that is taking ages to heal up.

When our bodies feel like their under stress, our fight-or-flight response kicks in, as a result, we experience a spike in adrenaline and cortisol hormones.

An increase in adrenaline causes us to sweat more (whether were working out at home or not) It activates the sweat glands, which cause us to become dehydrated, because we’re losing a lot more water very quickly.

If you're not replenishing your body with water, you're going to dry out.” Those who have dry skin in general are more prone to eczema,

Dry skin has almost no oil present so wont look shinny, it can be itchy, appear uneven and it may be flaky and bumpy or have red patches. Dehydrated skin lacks water and appears dull or rough.

Okay, so what can we do to help heal and nourish the dry or dehydrated skin?

  1. Make sure your using a creamy cleanser- we love Pelactiv Hydrating Cream Cleanser as it hydrates skin while removing makeup and daily pollutants.

  2. The next step is to remove the build up of dead skin cells as they are preventing your skin from absorbing serums and moisturisers. Pelactiv Facial Refiner Scrub is a dual exfoliator with biodegradable jojoba beads and lactic acids which acts like little pac men running around on the surface eating dead skin cells leaving skin feeling fresh, clean and hydrated. This needs to be twice a week.

  3. With us all having more time on our hands, there is no excuse not to be using a mask at least once a week! On my husband I used the Pelactiv Collagen Mask to sooth and calm the skin. The collagen contains cucumber and aloe vera extract which adds in hydration and healing. Vita Moist Mask is also a beautiful option if you prefer a creamy rich texture.

  4. Remove the face mask with warm towels (not too hot as that will dry skin out) and follow with a hydrating spritz like Pelactiv Vita C Toner as this one contains cucumber, green tea and vitamin c. It is free from alcohol free (alcohol WILL dry skin out) and is beautifully calming a hydrating on skin.

  5. Precious Oils are full of antioxidants which will add a healthy glow to your skin and hydration. You'l only need 2 drops in your finger tips and gently press in to your skin. Wait a minute or two (brush your teeth) for the skin to absorb the oils.

  6. You'l want to finish your skincare routine with a lovely thick moisturiser. I've used Pelactiv Nightly Rejuvenation on my husbands skin to really lock in all that moisture we just added with liposomes, boost his skin with antioxidant ingredients and it contains AHA's that are going to work while he sleeps. These nourish and repair. This luxurious cream can also be used of day time, just be sure to apply your SPF over the top.

If you have other skin conditions you'd like me to address, simply hit reply and i'll personally help you out. I have created a ZOOM space for us to chat about your skin concerns and needs. The details are below.

SKIN CONSULTATIONS Get on a Zoom call with me to discuss your skin concerns. We can talk about whats happening on the outside of your skin but also whats going on in the inside. You will be emailed a link with a questionnaire on it to fill out before your consultation.

ONLINE RETAIL All the products listed in this home facial treatment can be ordered at your fingertips online. Simply 'add to cart' then checkout and your products will be delivered FREE anywhere in QLD

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