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Love is in the air

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The month of February is synonymous with LOVE and it's got us feeling the warm and fuzzies and reflecting on how we give and receive love.

Everyone wants to show love and be loved in return, but sometimes it gets lost in translation. This is where the 5 love languages come into play, developed my Dr Gary Chapman, they help to decode the language of love and we've added a few helpful gift ideas if you're stuck on what to get your loved on this Valentine's Day.

Chapman's 5 Love Languages are:

1. Words of affirmation It's all about verbal and written communication for those of us that value words of affirmation, so that means lots of "I love you's" out loud , words of encouragement and even online engagement. Written and spoken words of affirmation make those who speak this love language feel understood and appreciated.

Perfect gift idea: Slip a gift voucher into a card complete with a personalised message telling them just how much they mean to you.

2. Physical touch This one's pretty self explanatories all about reaffirming strong emotional connection through physical touch, so that means lots of hugs and hand holding if Physical Touch is your primary love language (this person likely is a hugger, or comes from a family of huggers).

Perfect gift idea: Book your love in for our Glow on Love treatment package, a luxurious massage using beautiful essential oils, salt scrub and all over hydration treatment.

3. Quality time It's all about undivided attention for those of us that value quality time, so put the phone down, turn the tv off and prioritize eye contact and active listening. People who's primary love language is quality time will highly value actively spending time with their love, engaging in conversation and sharing space.

Perfect gift: Purchase a care package in salon or online and treat them to a stay-cation pamper session. Run the bath or have a foot soak, get your favorite snacks and make a picnic in the backyard for dinner. Watch the stars together. Comfiest pj's are an absolute must!

4. Acts of Service It's all about going out of your way to make live easier for those who's primary love language is Acts of Service. It's the definition of 'actions speak louder than words', they need to be SHOWN that they're loved and appreciated, rather than verbally told.

Perfect Gift: Show your love how much you love and appreciate them by bringing them a cup of tummy warming Mayella Tea and run them a beautiful bath with added bath salts for that luxe vibe.

We love Botanist Aromatherapy Rose Soak for that touch of romance.

5.Receiving Gifts This one's pretty self explanatory, it's all about giving thoughtful gifts as a visual symbol of love. It's not about the monetary value, rather the thought behind the gift itself. The key here is to give gifts that are sentimental to them that reflect their values or interests.

Perfect gift idea: Create a multi-sensory experience and treat your love to a beautiful scented candle (we love our rose scented Self Love candle) or skincare that they've had their eye on and flowers are always a nice touch.

Not sure of what love language speaks loudest to you or your loved one ? Take the test and make sure you forward on the results to the lover in your life, open up those channels of communication and feel the love <3

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