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Making Memories with a Massage Pamper: A Girls' Day to Remember

Join our client Camille as she experiences our Winter Massage Pamper with her best friend. As she describes as the 'perfect start to their girls day out' in Milton, Brisbane City.

‘Welcome to the Self Love Lounge’ the words were repeating in my head. It was a bit weird at first, I thought ‘What am I getting myself into?’. So it went like this…

As I rocked up to Milton, with my best friend Thea, I was nervous. Why? Well, you’ll understand when you know a little bit more about me. As walked through the glass door, I looked up at the stairs (I had my walker alongside) You'll find out why in a minute. I was like ‘I can do this!’ and I was right, my best friend walked the walker up but let me go up first and I climbed the stairs with ease! When we reached the top, she passed the walker over so I could properly walk again, and as we approached the 'Self Love Lounge doors were warmly greeted with big smiles from Morgan and Elle.

Welcome to the home of Self Care
Welcome to the home of Self Care

Now going up stairs is no easy feat for me, and sometimes walking can be difficult hence the walker I use. I’ve had 4 strokes (and no, not mini strokes, 4 major ones the last two happened within a week of each other) so you can imagine how happy I was that I made it upstairs no problem. Feeling confident and proud of myself, I was now even more excited for our 'Winter Massage Pamper' session.

Meeting Morgan and Elle was a real delight! They immediately made us feel welcome and let’s say, at home? We were given iPads to fill in some of our information down in the beautiful lounge space, then it was off to the couple’s massage room.

Double Massage Pamper Treatment Room
Double Massage Pamper Treatment Room

Entering the room, I kept looking at the bed, I was doubly nervous. In the middle of the room, sat two massage beds. They were taller than I expected. I had previously tried to get on top of a similar massage bed a few weeks earlier, but to no avail. I was expecting it to be the same. Thea was like, “c’mon you can do it” and I agreed. ‘I can do this!’ I thought as my best friend helped me up on the bed. After minimal wriggling, I was on! I couldn’t believe it! Lying on the massage bed was amazing feeling in itself, so soft and calming. I felt so held, and that was even before Elle, who was doing my massage treatment touched me.

‘The Winter Massage Pamper’ began with Thea and I both getting to pick a card from a oracle deck of cards arranged faced down prepared by Elle.

Turning over the cards, we were given an anchor to then dwell on during our massage.

When the girls returned we began with some deep belly breaths to get us in to our bodies and relax our thoughts. The aura mist smelled amazing and immediately made me feel calm and at ease.

The massage pressure was just perfect. The relaxing massage oils the girls used filled the room with warm scents of lavender. I think I drifted off after the warm paraffin went on our feet. Everything was taken care of and I could fully emerge myself into the experience. We had crystals placed in our heart space and a gentle loving meditation played to bring us back to our bodies. It filled me with love and gratitude.

Throughout the whole experience, I felt truly taken care of and just like at the beginning, completely at home! Which is no joke when you’re in an entirely new place - one you haven’t seen or been to before.

At the end, when you have to get up and go about your day, I was filled with a sense of dread, ‘Noooo, this can’t be over!’ my mind complained.

Opening my eyes, I realised it was over and would reluctantly have to get up. But not after lying in the treatment bed for a few more minutes before snapping myself back together.

Outside the room, the girls had placed a warm chai tea and little bliss ball for us to enjoy in the lounge space. It was the best way to end our massage pamper with a treat. We then were planning a delicious brunch at a near by cafe.

What a truly dreamy Self Love experience and especially to share it with one of my very best friends.

- Thea and I cant wait to come back again!

Happy faces after our massage pamper treatments
Happy faces after our massage pamper treatments

Wanna treat your bestie (and yourself lets be honest here) to a couple's treatment?

Send us a message or call us 0488226935 to chat about how we can create the perfect bespoke package for the two of you.

Or you can gift them a Self Love Lounge Gift Voucher.

Gift Voucher's are the BEST gift for several reasons:

1. Relaxation and Self-Care: A Self Love Lounge experience promote relaxation and self-care, allowing the recipient to unwind, destress, and focus on their well-being.

2. Customization: Self Love Lounge vouchers offer a range of Beauty, Ski & Soul services, allowing your loved one to choose the treatment that suits their preferences, whether it's a massage, facial, reiki or lash & brow services.

3. Thoughtful and Luxurious: Giving them a Self Love Lounge voucher shows your thoughtfulness and a desire to pamper them with a luxurious experience they may not indulge in regularly enough.

4. Memorable Experience: Unlike material possessions, a Self Love Lounge experience creates lasting memories, making the gift more meaningful.

5. Health Benefits: Self Love Lounge treatments can have physical and mental health benefits, such as reducing muscle tension, improving circulation, and enhancing mood and overall wellness. Also in our busy lives, an Self Love Lounge experience gives an opportunity for your loved one to take a break from their routine and experience stress relief.

5. Versatility: Self Love Lounge vouchers are versatile gifts perfect for all occasions, birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, holidays, leaving presents, as a thank-you gesture or 'even better than flowers' gifts. Lately we've written some beautiful messages on gift voucher's, one that hasnt left my mind is a friend wrote' when you feel up to it, treat yourself to some much needed self care' when her friends parent passed. Sympathy gifts, when someone is grieving it is often the most important thing for them to do, take care of themselves which often goes forgotten. Let us hold them, love them and fill them with light so they can go back out in to the world feeling that little bit better, inside and out.

Overall, Self Love Lounge gift vouchers offer a combination of relaxation, customization, and thoughtful consideration that makes them a wonderful gift choice. You can purchase one here, online .

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