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New Years Resolutions Are No More

Let's look toward the future with hope and renewed optimism for 2022.

Let's look at the numbers ...

Whether you’re into numerology or know your angel numbers, the 222 pattern offers a number of different meanings:

1. A new beginning

2. Take action

3. Keep going

4. Expansion and growth

5. Trust

6. Let go of the past

7. Give thanks

By acknowledging each and every one of these calls to action, you’re showing your willingness to learn, accept both the good and the bad and open yourself up to all new possibilities. Who knows, you may start to notice more number patterns in your daily life.

So have a think, what will you be taking into this new year with you?

For us it’s all about giving thanks and showing trust.

Heard this one before haven't you? New year, New Me, we've all been there right?!

New Year's resolutions are often set after a few too many champagnes and long forgotten by the time the month of January is over, so lets reframe it in a way that is more manageable and achievable. Out with the old and in with the new!

New Year's Resolutions are no more.

Setting intentions is where it's at !

Let's look at the 2022 numbers again, break it down and get a little 'woo'.

In numerology 2022 equates to the number 6, which is traditionally the number of the heart.

It represents unconditional love and the ability to support, nurture and heal and after the last two years who doesn't need that?

I don't know about you, but this says to me that we need to take a deep dive within ourselves and take a look at what we want out of our lives and set some powerful intentions (and achievable) ...

The difference between a new years resolution and setting intentions is this;

New Year's resolutions are hard and fast goals specific in nature e.g - ' read a book a month' or 'look at my phone less'.

Intentions are more about shifting your mindset and setting broader goals to be achieved over time.

So how does one go about making the shift and setting intentions free from guilt and expectation?

  1. Identify the desire Experts say keeping the intention connected to a feeling rather than an ultra specific desired outcome because when you break it down there is often a deeper, more complex desire attached to the original statement of intent.

  2. Get clear on who you have to be Goals are about DOING, intentions are about BEING. When you focus on who you need to be to achieve the goal, the doing becomes easier. The best way to do this is to journal, to write down and reflect on the qualities that you wish to embody that could help support you to achieve your goal.

  3. Decide on specific action steps Intentions are not one size fits all, so get specific with the action steps that you need to take to fulfill your intention and follow through with them.

  4. Shift any limiting beliefs Not believing that the intention is realistically possible for you is a common intention setting roadblock. Instead, try shifting your mindset to ensure that your beliefs align with your desires.

  5. Reinforce intentions daily Your brain is a belief engine looking for evidence to prove your intention and its success rate. The most effective way of doing this is reinforcing your intentions after meditation when the brain is more relaxed and receptive .

  6. Surrender and lean in One of the biggest things that trips people up when it comes to setting intentions is letting them go and attaching too much weight to them, perhaps even using your set intention as a vehicle to control your life. The key to setting intentions is having faith in the surrender and instead viewing surrender as 'giving up' reframing it as an 'absence of surrender'.

Get started by finding a comfortable space either in your home or outside in nature. Light a candle or incents to create a softness and peace within the space. Play relaxing or calming music. Use some oils or aura sprays to cleanse.

Take a diary or journal, pen and begin. Using this sacred space to set your intentions. Setting intentions is all about committing to positive changes in your life. Where better to commit to those intentions than in your sacred space just for you. This environment is already created to cultivate a healthy mindset. Let your pen flow and feel in to your heart, listen to what it really wants.

Big or small, whatever intentions you set for yourself this year remember that they're not set in stone, there's room for change and growth, give yourself permission to change and grow your intentions as you change and grow throughout the year, release control and let go of the idea of perfection.

Moral of the story is don't underestimate the power of setting intentions, whether you're regularly reflecting on them or not, they're always working away behind the scenes to bring your aspirations into existence.

Join our Self Love Community Facebook Group for more inspiration and self-care tips, we look forward to seeing you in there, or in salon soon x

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