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What does Inclusivity look like at Self Love Lounge?

Community is one of our core values and naturally inclusivity plays a big part, so we thought we'd unpack and explain what that means to us here at Self Love Lounge.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary inclusion is defined as: The act of including someone or something as part of a group, list, etc., or a person or thing that is included.”

Simply put, inclusion is about ensuring that everyone feels valued and respected as an individual.

We like to think that inclusivity is a reflection of patience, tolerance, fairness, friendliness, empathy, kindness, respect, sympathy, compassion, acceptance, passion, confidence, trust, encouragement and affection, values in which we express daily within our Self Love space and in the greater community.

Ways in which we encourage inclusiveness in clinic-

1. Foster open communication: We encourage you to share your perspectives, experiences, and ideas with us in a kind, respectful and inclusive way during your appointments. You know we love a good chat and sometimes getting things off your chest is a great way to make yourself feel better.

2.Promote education and awareness: We have so many books (hello beauty book library!) resources and opportunities for you to learn about different cultures, identities, and experiences, through our in-house workshops and events. These give you a chance to meet others, connect with ......

3. Encourage active listening and empathy: We encourage others to actively listen and understand the perspectives of others and create opportunities for members to share and understand their experiences.

4. Partner with other organizations: Collaborate with other organizations to share resources, knowledge and ideas to improve inclusivity. We love nothing more than creating a beautiful collaboration with local business owners to create even more magic and reach our wider community.

5. Foster an environment of safety and trust: Create a safe and secure environment for you to share openly your experiences and feelings without fear of judgement. We're a judgment free zone. Come as you are and leave even more loved up and empowered to take on the world.

6. You might notice the first time you made an appointment with us, our booking system Timely (is pretty cool) you'll be able to select your pronouns.

7. Each of us, at some point or another have felt deflated or disrespected when someone has gotten our name wrong (even when it’s clearly written at the bottom of an email 😅) or misgendered us. Pronouns are equally as important to someone’s identity as their name. Addressing someone using the correct pronoun means more to a person than you might think - it’s a way to help someone feel respected and seen. Our new pronouns feature makes it easy for staff to understand and clients to communicate their pronouns. Creating a safer, more inclusive client experience for everyone who walks through our door.

8. We’re also going to keep making space at the table for diverse opinions and perspectives. This year’s industry leading pronouns feature was a great start, and as we grow we’re going to continue to push ourselves to be more inclusive in our work, and lead the way in diversity both in tech and in beauty. We know that when everyone feels included, we all do better because of it.

We're here to break down gender and cultural norms and celebrate you, our client as you are.

No titles, no outdated belief systems or bias of any kind is welcomed in our space.

At Self Love lounge we endeavour to listen, support educate and treat you with the uttermost level of care and kindness and not only is Self Love Lounge an expression of love, but a safe space.

We regularly hold inclusive meditation, expression , healing and makeup/skin workshops with guest speakers, healers and creatives alike.

No matter the subject matter, each workshop encourages a strong sense of self love an acceptance as well as the importance of coming together as a community to celebrate our differences.

Enter Jes from who's here to say F*uck Unrealistic Beauty Standards!

On Saturday 11th of February, Jes and Morgan will be co-hosting a body and soul empowerment event in the Self Love Lounge Space.

We're rewiring the pathways in our brain to become who we are, so join us for another beautiful afternoon and experience the restorative healing powers of Reiki and Photography.

After much positive feedback from our November F*uck Unrealistic Beauty Standards Event, we can't wait to welcome you back into our Self Love Space for some authentic chats and body positivity. We're here to ban all the negative body chat, and feel free to wear as much or as little as you like, whatever makes you feel the most YOU.

"The Fuck Unrealistic Beauty Standards event was a beautiful way to connect to my body and show myself some much needed love. Jess and Morgan created a welcoming and safe space from the very beginning. The reiki and meditation was calming and grounding not only for my body, but my soul too. I’ve struggled with my body image for most of my life, so while it low key terrified me - the photography element was also exciting. Post event, I am so proud of myself for booking a ticket and pushing myself outside my comfort zone. I found the whole experience freeing and Jess made me feel super comfortable. I now have some beautiful photographs from the evening, celebrating my body as it is now. Thanks again Jess!"

Think we could be doing more to create an inclusive space?

Leave a comment, we're always open to improving and growing ❤️

“At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou

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