What I've Learned From Running My Own Business

As a Business Owner, I've been asked countless times how I went about setting up my own business and the truth is, I opened Paris Texas Beauty in March 2015, completely by chance, and I haven't looked back since. Before I set up my own business, people always told me that I should run my own salon and, quite frankly, that idea terrified me! Shortly before I opened the salon, I found myself without a job and was invited by Paris Texas Hairdressing to look at a space which they had available in their building. Before I knew it, I had invested in the property, I was buying supplies, my hubby was helping me freshen up the beauty treatment rooms and I was excited to welcome my first clients. My guy was really supportive and told me to just give it a go and see what happens, so I took a huge risk and it was the best decision I've ever made.