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Yes, You Can Still Get a Facial While You're Pregnant!

OK ladies, we've all heard about this wonderful "pregnancy glow", which some women are lucky enough to experience, while others encounter symptoms such as skin sensitivity, itchiness, dryness and, the most common of all, increased pigmentation. While pregnancy is certainly an exciting and surprising time, your skincare regime doesn't need to be part of the confusion.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and during pregnancy, it needs to work on overtime to help nourish and protect your little bundle of joy. Due to the increase in your hormones, and the changes to your body, skin conditions can become amplified, so you may see anything from hormonal acne and rosacea to a reappearance of those childhood freckles.

So what is the "pregnancy glow" all about? Higher levels of hormones, including estrogen and progesterone, can make your skin appear flushed, resulting in radiant, plumped up and smooth skin. To coincide with this, your body also produces a higher blood flow rate, as your uterus and vital organs require more blood to support your growing baby.

Some women also experience a form of hyper pigmentation called Melasma, which results in the darkening of the facial skin tone around the forehead, cheeks and upper lip.

So how do we look after our skin during this special time of our lives? It's very important to remain cautious of what products you use during your pregnancy, as the big no-no's include Retinol derivatives, Salicyclic Acid and essential oils, so instead, let your skin breathe and choose more natural products, which target sensitive skin. I encourage my pregnant clients to integrate Eco Tan Glory Oil into their daily skincare regime, along with a Vitamin C serum.

And just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to miss out on your regular facial treatments!

You'll be delighted to know that we offer pregnancy-safe facial treatments, including;

I also highly recommend our Eco Tan skincare range to my pregnant clients, as it is Vegan, Organic and great to use while pregnant.

On a final note, the majority of pregnancy-related skin concerns generally disappear after the birth of your little one, however, in some cases, the dryness may stick around, particularly across your forehead, which can leave your skin feeling tight. For more tips on how to combat dryness in your skin, click here.

Lauren and I are more than happy to answer all of your pregnancy related skin care questions so book now and we look forward to seeing you in the salon soon

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