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This dual action serum combines patented Snap 8 plus Retinol to provide a targeted and anti ageing treatment serum unlike any other.
Snap 8 works to reduce the depth of wrinkles on the face by mimicking the effects of Botulinum Toxin.
Retinol A is proven to restore skin clarity, texture and firmness.
This youth enhancing serum reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin elasticity and texture.


  • Suitable for: Ageing skins, problem skins, congested, dull, thickened and/or pigmented skins
  • Key ingredient SNAP-8 prevents the release of neurotransmitters and therefore reduces the intensity of muscle contractions that contribute to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Retinol repairs and exfoliates./li>
  • Lilly Pilly and Quandong, high in antioxidants, heal and strengthen the skin



After applying Pelactiv Retinol A Preparation Oil, apply one pump to fingertips and very evenly smooth all over face. Use twice weekly. Do not use together with Retinol Correct Night Cream. Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only. Discontinue use if irritation appears.



SNAP-8 Mimics the action of Botulinum Toxin.
Sodium Hyaluronate Hydrating, restores vital moisture levels
Retinol Exfoliating, repairing, antioxidant
Sodium PCA High performance humectant, attracts and holds water, moisturising
Lilly Pilly Fruit Extract Healing, anti-bacterial, antioxidant
Quandong Fruit Extract High in antioxidants, antibacterial, strengthens capillary walls


Retinol A+ Snap 8 Serum


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