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Signature Self Love Lounge Luxury Candle


There is a beautiful message to be told by the crystals and botanicals that have been choosen within this candle.

Rose buds for love(of course) and our Rose Quartz crystals to promote unconditional love and peace.

Calms and purifies.

Attracts love.

Encourages forgiveness and trust.

Comfort for heartache and grief.

With beautiful blends of Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lime & Rose Otto essential oils to transform you to a place of self love and worthiness.

The ceramic bowls are all handmade by amazing ceramists.

Our candle bowls with a gold edge use a real gold lustre and receive a 3rd firing. You can reuse these bowls. 


20+ Hours buring time

Vegan & Crultey-free

Pure Essential oils

Soy Wax

Natural and Non-Toxic 

Signature Self Love Lounge Luxury Candle


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