Avoid These 10 Skin Care Mistakes

Tips on where you may be going wrong and how to get your skincare right.

USING THE WRONG CLEANSER Cleansing is the first and most important step in your skincare regime. Why you ask?Because it not only cleanse the skin of makeup, dirt and debris, but preps the skin for the synergistic affect of the rest of your regime of serums and moisturisers. Using soap or a foaming cleanser on a dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin can cause further dryness and irritation. Likewise, using a comedogenic oil cleanser not designed for acne on a problem prone oily skin can make your pimples worse. If your skin feels dry,tight,and your skin begins to flake then that’s a sure sign that you need to switch your cleanser out to a better suited one. It’s quite normal to switch your cleanser throughout the year as the seasons change. When in doubt always ask your skin therapist for professional advice. Shop our cleansers here