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Services at the Lounge


Couples Experiences 

Have a special occasion coming up that you want to treat someone special?

We have a double treatment room perfect for Couples Massages, Friends Facials, Mother / Daughter Treatments, Hens Parties. 

We can help you create the perfect package for you and your loved ones.

We can organise cheese platters, sweet treats and champagne *additional costs*

Cooperate Wellness Programs 

Allow our team to take care of yours's and add selfcare in as part of your cooperate wellness programme.

We offer your staff- neck, shoulder and head massages while seated in the office. We can provide aura mists, relaxing music and a short guided meditation to relax and ground all in your office space. 

*Travel costs will be additional*  

Want more information and pricing? 

Send us an email on to arrange a quote.   

Skin Therapy

"A combination of crystals, gentle hands and reassuring words as well as time and space just for me"

DERMAPEN MICRO-NEEDLING (60 minutes) - $299

Perfect if you’re looking to boost your collagen production. Tightens, lifts and rejuvenates skin. Visibly improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scaring, pigmentation, enlarged pores, and lip lines. 

PRIN LYMPHATIC THERAPY (75 minutes) - $199

Your best friend if you feel like your circulatory system needs a good clean out.

A rejuvenating lymphatic therapy designed to remove waste, nourish the cells and improve circulation.

A tightening mask rich in Native Australian ingredients to create a healthy and responsive skin assisting with healing and recovery.


The ultimate indulgence treatment with Waterlily Rose Peptide Skincare range to help calm, hydrate and stimulate healthy collagen production. Suitable for all skins. Includes a warm rose paraffin hand treatment, guided meditation and crystals.
*Add on an Enzyme Peel or LED Therapy for that add glow. 

ZEN GLOW FACIAL THERAPY (90 minutes) - $199 

Incorporating the most dreamy acupressure and reflexology facial massage with the power of reiki for healing and whole body relaxation. Make time for yourself to rest your body and let your soul wander above.

This is when the real magic happens. When the physical is at peace, you can hear whispers and messages from your soul. Listen to your heart.

ECO LOVE FACIAL (60 minutes) - $159

Enjoy pure bliss and relaxation with this facial treatment from Eco By Sonya.

Using 100% certified organic and vegan skincare, we allow mother nature take care of your skin.

Includes jade roller face tan water and glory oil application and coconut milk hand massage for maximum relaxation.

Perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive or those that prefer an organic approach to skincare.

MICRODERMABRASSION (60 minutes) - $159

A deep exfoliation treatment designed to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, age spots, acne scarring, uneven skin tone and fine lines and wrinkles. Includes cooling collagen mask. 

An excellent ‘all rounder’ perfect for dry and tired skin.

DERMALUX LED FACIAL (60 minutes) - $159

LED Phototherapy is a non-invasive relaxing treatment that uses clinically proven therapeutic light energy to trigger the skins natural rejuvenation and repair processes without pain or downtime. Available as a course of eight treatments for $970.


Pelactiv Peel - $25

Warm rose paraffin hand treatment - $25

Rose Alginate Mask - $25

Dermalux LED - $50

High Frequency - $50

Not sure which facial is best for your skin? Add a complimentary Skin Consultation to your appointment so we can have a chat about what's going on for you. Morgan is our skin go to girl.  

Body Massage

"It was a great experience. beautiful massage, exactly what I needed for a bit of self care."



Full body Swedish Relaxation Massage with the use of Hot Stones, & Essential Oils. Indulge the senses with a Himalayan Salt Scrub, Paraffin Foot Treatment, Hydrating Coconut Body Milk, Hot Towel Therapy and be guided into full relaxation with Crystals and a guided Meditation.

FULL BODY MASSAGE (90 minutes) - $190

Full Body relaxing massage using Swedish Massage techniques. Includes neck, jaw, facial & head massage. Essential oils and hot towels throughout.  

FULL BODY MASSAGE (60 minutes) - $130

Full Body relaxing massage using Swedish Massage techniques. Essential oils and hot towels throughout.  

BACK, NECK & SHOULDER MASSAGE (30 minutes) - $80

Back. Neck and Shoulder relaxing massage using Swedish Massage techniques. Essential oils and hot towels throughout.

Add a Back Salt Scrub to any massage treatment $30


"The team is so lovely, make me feel very comfortable and at ease, and every tan has been just perfect"



A beautiful golden sun kissed all organic tan that develops in 2 hours. Sprays on light so makes it the
perfect lunch time tan that will develop into deep earthy bronze tones.

ORGANIC ECO TAN RICH HONEY 2HR+ (15 minutes) - $49

Rich Honey delivers stunning golden bronze tones! Our organic spray tan is also super hydrating, as it has been specifically created for dry, sensitive skin.


"It was such a beautiful service! My lash lift was super gentle and really relaxing and she always checks in to see if you are comfortable throughout"

EYELASH LIFTING (includes eyelash tint) (45 minutes) - $105

In just 40 minutes you can have lifted, curled lashes that open the eyes by lifting your natural lashes from the roots, giving the illusion of longer looking lashes while also adding volume using a blue/black tint.

ENHANCING EYE TRIO (30 minutes) - $79

Includes eyebrow sculpt and tidy the brows, eyebrow tint and eyelash tint.

EYELASH TINTING (30 minutes) - $35

Eyelash tinting is effectively dying your lashes and is a great alternative to wearing mascara. We offer blue/black or pure black tint, both colours can give the effect of longer, darker lashes while also colouring the bottom lashes.


"The most relaxing eyebrow session I’ve ever had! I was really impressed in the colour she chose to tint my brows, it was the perfect colour not too light but not too dark"

EYEBROW SCULPT AND TIDY (15 minutes) - $39

Australian made Jax Wax is perfect for shaping and sculpting the brows and is nice and gentle on the skin. We finish our waxing treatments with a light massage with aftercare oil to soothe the skin.

EYEBROW THREADING (15 minutes) - $39

A traditional Indian hair removal technique. It is ideal for defining and reshaping eyebrows and removing all facial hair (lip, chin, sides of face and along the hairline) as it collects all the fine, fair hairs. Threading is a great alternative if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any ingredients found in hot wax.

EYEBROW TINTING (15 minutes)- $25

Eyebrow tinting colours the lighter hairs, bringing definition and shape to the brows. We have a variety of colours to make sure we get the perfect colour to compliment your hair and skin tone.

ENHANCING BROW DUO  (30 minutes) - $54

Includes eyebrow sculpt and tidy and tint for the brows.

BROW LAMINATION (45 minutes) - $99

Want to achieve fluffy & full brows? This treatment straightens and maneuvers your eyebrow hair into a different direction leaving you with tamed, full & fuss-free beautiful brows for 6 weeks.
Includes brow tint.


"The best waxing I have ever had, everything was explained to me beforehand, and I felt very cared for during and after"


Eyebrow Shape and Tidy - $39

Lip - $15

Chin - $20

Underarm - $29

Full Arm - $45

Half Arm $35

Bikini - $42

G-String - $52

Brazilian Maintenance (within 4-6 weeks) - $69

Brazilian (first time or over 6 weeks) - $79

Full Leg - $65

Half Leg -$44


Eyebrow Tidy - $35

Ears - $15

Nostrils - $15

Full Arm - $45

Full Leg - $69

Chest/Abs - $49

Full Back (including shoulders) - $62


"I'm new to receiving reiki, and what a gift it is to receive! I felt so many different emotions and left feeling a little lighter"

REIKI (60 minutes) - $120

Your healing session includes heart-centered conversation, intuitive Reiki Healing, guided meditation, intention setting, choosing of affirmation cards, crystals, and deep reflection on the messages you receive from your Soul.

REIKI via distance (60 minutes) - $120

Pour yourself a cup of tea, light a candle and find somewhere comfortable (we recommend couch or bed to lay)to relax while allowing 60mins for yourself. Relaxing music will play while we set intentions together, discuss what's going on for you in the present moment, pull wellness cards and realign your chakras using reiki energy healing. You'll be left with a sense of calm and peace. Zoom link and client form to follow once appt is booked. 

Cosmic Channeling

"I loved the conversation with my guides and being able to connect to passed loved ones"

COSMIC CHANNELING (60 minutes) - $220

Cosmic Channeling is a process used to enter an altered state of consciousness to communicate with higher-dimensional beings. These sessions allow you to connect with your spirit team, discover your life's purpose & unlock access to energetic healings. In working with Elle & her primary spirit guide, Sarié, you can elevate your physical, emotional, mental, & energetic healing journey to a new cosmic level. Alleviate stress & anxiety, gain clarity & insight, enhance your intuitive abilities & reconnect to your magic within.

Past Life Regression

"It was like I was part of an interactive movie, playing inside my head. The healing and connections I experienced were incredible"

PAST LIFE REGRESSION (180 - 300 minutes) - $599

Be guided on a multi-sensory, transformational experience that transcends time & space, using an immersive therapeutic technique to unlock the mysteries of your unique soul & recall memories from your past lives that are still influencing your current reality. Through your journey, you will discover valuable insights that pave the way for profound healing & growth, allowing you to release the weight of your past to embrace the potential of your future.

Common Benefits of Past Life Regression include - 
Emotional & Energetic Release.
Mental, Emotional, Physical & Energetic Healing.
Empowerment, Self-Discovery & Growth.
Opportunity to Overcome Fears & Phobias.
Spiritual Exploration.
Increased Clarity & Understanding of Relationships.
Enhanced Mind-Body Connection.

This session is also audio recorded for you to listen back to at any time to rediscover the magic. 

Body Rituals

"It was a great experience. beautiful massage, exactly what I needed for a bit of self care"

MOROCCAN ROSE MELT- Head To Toe Glow Ritual (Allow 120+ minutes) - $349

We begin by soaking your feet in a warm bath of Moroccan Rose soak to relax your body. Followed by a full body massage with Moroccan Rose oils to take your senses to Morocco, while a guided meditation soothes your soul, then a sugar polish is applied and gentle removed with hot aromatherapy compresses, your body will them be smothered in Vanilla Bean Body Balm to hydrate. Once laying on your back again, you'll experience our new Rose Peptide Spa Facial—a luxurious skin firming treatment that revitalizes with collagen-boosting ingredients and gorgeous scents of roses. Finish in the lounge with an organic herbal tea and bliss ball to ground you back in to

your body. 
Allow 2+ hours for this complete Head to Toe Glow Ritual.
🌹Foot Soak
🌹Full Body Massage
🌹Rose Peptide Spa Facial



A relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage with Aromatherapy oils, back salt scrub, warm coconut body milk, hot towel therapy, refresher facial with Pelactiv Skincare, and your choice of lash tint or brow sculpt.


Soul Experiences

"It was such a lovely & heart warming experience, connecting with myself and my spirit guides on a much deeper level"

ZEN GLOW FACIAL THERAPY  (90 minutes) - $199

Incorporating the most dreamy acupressure and reflexology facial massage with the power of reiki for healing and whole body relaxation. 
Allow 90 mins for yourself to rest your body and let your soul wander above.

This is when the real magic happens. When the physical is at peace, you can hear whispers and messages from your soul. Listen to your heart.

Oh, and when you're ready to come back, your skin will be glowing, from the inside out. You'll feel lighter and peaceful. A true glow up!

SKIN AND SOUL RITUAL (90 minutes) - $299

This session combines both Reiki healing with an organic facial, and is a truly beautiful way to honor yourself spiritually. Includes meditation, crystals and essential oils.

BODY AND SOUL RITUAL (120 minutes) - $299

This 2-hour session combines both Reiki healing with an essential oil full body massage to transport you deep into relaxation. It is a truly beautiful way to honor yourself spiritually, includes meditation, crystals and aura sprays.

RELAX + RELEASE RITUAL  (90 minutes) - $250

This session combines the powers of multiple holistic practices to nurture your mind, body & soul. It is a truly transcendent experience that empowers you to bring your brightest, most radiant self into the present moment. Through timeline exploration techniques, you’ll experience moments of pure potential & self-fulfillment through multiple timelines, align yourself with the energy of these moments with Reiki, while Theta Healing dissolves any limiting beliefs that hinder your soul's power. Leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, inspired, & ready to quantum leap into the future you've always envisioned.


THE SACRED AWAKENING (150 minutes) - $450

This transformative session is designed as an introduction to your inner divinity, combining the best of the 'Relax + Release Ritual' & 'Cosmic Channeling' Sessions, guiding you on a profound journey of self-discovery & spiritual awakening. Assisting you to explore timelines, align with your goals, release limiting beliefs & connect with your spirit team, this holistic & personalized approach, provides profound energetic healing & guidance, helping you to unlock your true potential & deepen your connection with the universe & your inner self. 

INNER CONNECTION PACKAGE (90 minutes) - $279

Reconnect to your inner light & wisdom with this combined ‘Cosmic Channeling’ & Intuitive Reiki package to clear any energetic blockages & align your energy in harmony. This session allows you to fully connect to your heart & step into higher frequencies of love, joy & abundance, while gaining insight & healing from your spirit team.

CLARITY + GLOW  (120 minutes) - $299

This beautiful Facial & Cosmic Channeling package is the ultimate in relaxation and healing.

Enjoy a Cosmic Channeling session with Elle & her primary spirit guide Sarié, to assist you in gaining insight on your current life path by connecting you to your own spirit team to offer guidance, ask questions, communicate with passed loved ones & unlock access to energetic healings & DNA reprogramming's from your spirit team that are created & intended for your unique Soul, before soaking in the magic with a relaxing organic facial, to enhance your glow from the inside out.
This package includes - essential oils, crystals, oracle cards, Q&A with spirit team, your facial includes cleanse, exfoliation, stimulating oil massage with jade stone rollers, face mask, hydrating moisture, eye cream & hand massage before enjoying a herbal tea & bliss ball at the end, to take a momen
t to bask in your healing glow.

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