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Starting a Career in the Beauty Industry

Our team here at Paris Texas Beauty is expanding, with the introduction of our fantastic new Tanning Specialist Samara, who recently joined our team. We're delighted to have her on board, and she has already made a great impression on so many of our clients with her amazing talents. Samara is currently working towards her Diploma of Beauty and Spa Practice and will be completing her studies next year. Here, we have a chat with Samara and find out how she's feeling about the start of her career, and what advice she would give to other people who are also thinking about starting out in the beauty industry.

"I never really had a crystal-clear idea of what I wanted to do “when I grew up”, but I always knew it would involve helping others in some way. So, after I finished high school, I started working in hospitality, whilst I figured out what I wanted to do in the future. After working late nights for a couple of years, my skin began to suffer badly, which started to affect my confidence levels. I wasn’t able to fully address the problem, since I was constantly exposing my skin to harsh chemicals and irritants, so I started doing my own research into different skincare products. I wanted to improve my skin and ended up became completely obsessed with the world of skincare.

"I slowly realised that skincare was becoming a great passion of mine and started considering a career in the beauty industry. I knew it would be a great opportunity to further my knowledge, but I also really liked the idea of being able to help others and improve their confidence through beauty as well. I did my research into what course would work best for me and, once I made my decision, I went into ultra-organisational mode and applied for the course. I'm enjoying it so much, and even though it can be a tough act with balancing work and study at times, I know it's not forever and it'll be worth it in the end."

"I think it can be difficult to put everything into perspective when you’re so young, but I’m glad I took some time to enjoy the remainder of my teen years before finding my dream job.

Looking back, I wouldn’t have expected that I would be starting my career in the beauty industry, but I’m grateful that I was able to find my passion.

My interest in skin eventually pushed me into starting a Bachelor of Health Science in 2019, which was a perfect fit for me at the time. It wasn’t until I started salon placement and my practical assessments that I realised how important treatments that aren’t included in the degree were to me, such as waxing and tanning, and I realised how much I enjoyed doing them. So, I switched to a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and decided to gain some experience in the beauty industry before taking the dermal therapy path."

"I absolutely love hearing any form of feedback from my clients, whether it’s a photo or a quick message - it’s amazing to see the confidence boost that people get right after a tan. I also love chatting with my clients, but it can be difficult in the tanning room sometimes the machine is pretty loud, but I’ll always find a way to get a quick chat in. I truly love working in Paris Texas Beauty and the girls are amazing at what they do. My favorite treatment to have is a tan or lash lift because it gives you an immediate confidence boost after leaving the salon."

"It can be quite daunting going in for a tan, especially if it’s your first one, so I like to make sure every client is well prepared and understands the process before we get started, so they feel comfortable and confident. I’ll always explain how to prep for the tan and go over some of the movements, so it’s as quick as possible."

"There's also the option to customise the experience for your own comfort level. When coming in for a tan, clients are welcome to wear their own underwear and a bra, or they can choose to wear the disposable G-string provided (or nothing at all!). Morgan gave me my very first spray tan, and although it was a little intimidating at first, I definitely become more comfortable during the whole process. From my perspective, when I’m in the tanning room, I’m more focused on how the tan is applying on the skin, rather than looking at the body in front of me. For a more in-depth run-down of how to prepare your skin before coming in for your tan, click here."

"Something you might find interesting about me is that I’m a triplet! People often ask me what it’s like to be a triplet, but it’s all I’ve ever known, so I can’t imagine it any other way. So, if you see someone else running around Brisbane that looks a little like me, it could definitely be one of my triplet counterparts! I'm a big believer in self care, and in my spare time at home, I love hanging out with my boyfriend or my cat, whilst binge-watching Netflix, and eating good food. I love to treat myself now and again too of course, and burgers are usually my meal of choice for this. I also enjoy going for walks around Brisbane while listening to an audiobook or some music."

"At the moment, I’m focused on finishing my degree and getting more experience in beauty and skincare. I’m also surprisingly spontaneous for someone who can be so apprehensive when it comes to making big decisions, so I wouldn’t say I have a fully realised 5-year plan just yet, but I’d definitely consider going back to study my bachelor in the future."

Samara is available for spray tans in the salon on Thursdays, so book in with her here and she's looking forward to seeing you in the salon soon

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