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Self-Love for the Soul

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

When we think of self-love, so many of us think of getting a manicure or booking a facial but self-love is so much more than just skin deep.

Self-love is exactly what it sounds like, loving yourself and loving all aspects of yourself, holistically. And for many people, concepts of holistic self-love can be new.

After all, we are often taught from a young age that prioritizing ourselves or our needs can be viewed as selfish or superficial but allow us to explain why loving your Soul is just as important as other measures of self-care and how we can support you through this journey, at the Self Love Lounge.

Let's start with Past Life Regression, because we should know where we've been, to truly understand where we are going...

Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a healing practice that takes you on an adventure through time and space to access memories in our subconscious mind from our past life incarnations.

Discovering who, when and where we have been throughout time can be so beneficial to our Soul's journey in releasing any past experiences, or beliefs that may be holding us back in our current lifetime.

This healing practice has been so transformative for our clients and our staff, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! This is why we recommend past life regression so frequently, because it gives us an opportunity to really know our Soul, where it has been, what it has experienced, so that we can learn to better care for it and love ourselves entirely. Read more about our client Chelsea's experience with past life regression...

Chelsea's Past Life Experience - When I first heard about past life regression, I wasn't really sure what to expect but, I had heard about it doing amazing things for different people so, I wanted to give it a try.

Elle created such an inviting and safe space for my session with candles, essential oils and she explained the process to me so well, that I was just so excited to get started and see what would happen!

Before the session, we talked for a while so that Elle could get to know more about me and how to best direct me through the session. I'd been seeing a therapist for anxiety for years, but this was the first time I had ever felt truly seen and heard and I hadn't even laid down yet!

The best way I could describe my regression experience is like 'watching an interactive movie'. It was incredible! I could see the British countryside, smell the grass, feel the breeze on my face and yet, my body was still laying on the bed. I got to experience 3 different lifetimes during my regression and discovered the reason as to why I had been experiencing this intense anxiety for most of my life.

I was then guided through a quantum healing process to release the anxiety and got the opportunity to ask my subconscious mind questions about certain illnesses and relationships that I had been experiencing in my life.

When I walked out of the session, I wasn't the same person I was when I walked in. I felt lighter, I didn't feel this dread of anxiety that I had felt for years, and I had clarity and direction on the path ahead of me.

Elle gave me excellent post-regression recommendations and I feel like my healing experience is still expanding and unfolding, even months later. It was truly a life-changing experience, and I cannot thank her enough for her support and guidance. I'm so glad I gave this a go because it has really helped me unlock a new sense of freedom in my life.

Now that we've covered the past, lets connect with the present...

Reiki Healing

Loving our physical body is one thing, but we must also learn to love our energetic body.

Our energetic anatomy allows Qi-energy or life force to flow through us and Reiki helps clear our energy centres that have become blocked over time, or through experiences, allowing us to re-connect with ourselves in the present moment.

Reiki is a healing practice that can help reduce stress and enhance relaxation. Most client's share experiencing a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation but, check out our clients' reiki experience below to get a better idea of the process and the feeling of peace throughout the session.

Suki's Reiki Experience -

I describe my Reiki experience as a nap for the soul, but I didn’t actually nap during the process. I was fully awake for the whole session which lasted around 45 minutes. Though I was fully conscious and not asleep, I was still in a beautiful, relaxed state, feeling calm and peaceful like a meditation or savasana in yoga. I didn’t have to do anything but relax as I received my healing, but as a regular to both yoga and meditation, I am used to hovering in the relaxed half-wake state, so I simply let feelings, sensations, colours, words, shapes and images come and go from my mind. When Morgan had finished her Reiki healing, she brought me back in my blissful relaxed state to the present moment and gave me time to sit up and arrive back in my body. Before sharing her impressions from the session, she asked what I had experienced, and I shared that I had seen some colours and felt some areas get a little heavier and some get lighter (like my heart area which had felt a little restricted and heavy before the session). For me personally, there were blockages around my throat, solar plexus and crown chakras, which Morgan explained felt as though they were from past experiences that had not been released. She explained that she had given them attention, unblocked them and then filled the space with love instead. A wonderful thought and feeling in itself! After discussing the session, Morgan was so patient in answering my questions - the main one being what do I do after a Reiki session? Besides drinking plenty of water, I was encouraged to rest, reflect (for me this was journalling) and allow any emotions that come up to be recognized and then release them… advice which not only felt perfectly normal after such a healing but made me smile as for me this is totally what self-love is all about.

I couldn’t imagine a better person to guide me through my first ever Reiki experience than the gentle, kind, loving and nourishing Morgan and I can definitely say I feel the benefits of a Reiki healing.

So, we've covered Past Life Regression and Reiki Healing but, this is where Cosmic Channeling ties the past, present and future of loving ourselves all together...

Cosmic Channeling

Cosmic Channeling is a way to connect with our Soul and our Spirit Team, that helps us navigate our way through this lifetime.

Connecting with our Spirit Team allows us to access personalized healings that are created specifically for our own individual Soul, ask questions about our life's purpose, and access guidance and advice from ancestors and loved ones.

This modality has become a favorite among clients and staff alike, from the immense love and healing felt throughout this experience. But don't take our word for it, read about our client Michelle's experience with Channeling.

Michelle's Cosmic Channeling experience -

My Cosmic Channeling session was like nothing I had ever experienced before! It was this beautiful mix of relaxing, healing, inspiring and exciting, all at once.

When Elle first began the session, she explained what I could expect and asked if I had any questions about the process, before asking me to pick an affirmation card. Then we began with a quick, relaxing meditation to centre myself. Once I was relaxed and connected to my heart, Elle entered a trance like state to begin channeling.

When Elle began channeling, I felt the energy shift within the room, her voice changed, and her main spirit guide began talking through her. The information she knew and was able to give to me was incredible! She began introducing me to my own spirit guides and I started asking questions and had a beautifully deep and powerful conversation with them and some of my ancestors, before they notified me of an energetic block in my body. They then asked permission to perform a quantum healing to clear out the blockage.

Of course, I agreed. And they began their energetic work. My body began to feel warm and fluffy, and a sensation of tingling come through my fingertips.

When they had finished, I felt so much lighter, relaxed, supported and loved by spirit team and I felt happier within myself. The session was nothing short of magic! And I cannot wait to book another session and connect more with my soul and my spirit team.

If you would like to know more about how to incorporate loving your Soul into your self-love routine or are interested in experiencing the magic of these Soul treatments for yourself, simply book online or visit us in salon. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sending you light & love,

The Self Love Lounge Team x

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