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CANDLE NOTES - creamy // rich // comforting

For a moment, think about that favourite dessert your mother or grandmother, aunt or even father used to make. Do you remember that smell? The smell of vanilla and sugar mixing, as well as all the other spices. Oh and then there's that moment when you got to lick the bowl! This candle is a beautiful blend of those moments, and so much more. The caramel fragrance is sweet and rich, and the fragrance of vanilla is comforting and warming. It's officially delicious!

BURN TIME - approx 50hrs | 300 grams

CANDLE QUOTE: believe in yourself, and you're halfway there


  • Our candles are made in small batches & hand poured
  • Our candles are made on the Gold Coast, QLD
  • Our candles are rest in music that speaks life into each one
  • Our labels are high quality vinyl & waterproof
  • Our candles are with all natural products from Australian companies
  • No additives, dyes, zinc or lead is in our candles

Morro & Co Spiced Buttermilk & Sweet Salted Caramel


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