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What is Reiki and what does a Distance Reiki session feel like?

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

As Reiki Practitioners we often get asked what Reiki feels like and while it differs for us the healer, and you the recipient, our beautiful client has summed it up perfectly ...

The best way to describe my Reiki experience with Morgan from the Self Love Lounge is like the best nap you’ve ever had in your entire life… but for your soul. I’ve never had a Reiki treatment before and to be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect from it… The experience started with Morgan asking me if I had an intention for the session (I chose clarity) and I then chose some oracle cards from the selection that Morgan had laid out along with some candles and crystals. She then explained that she would be cleansing and balancing my chakras as part of the healing process. We have seven main chakras, or energy centres, in our body - the root at the base of our spine, the sacral below our belly button, the solar plexus in the centre of our body above the belly button, heart in the centre of the chest, throat at the base of our throat, third eye between our eyebrows and crown at the top of our heads. These energy centres can become blocked over time so Reiki aims to remove blockages and get our Qi - energy or life force - flowing again. With the intention setting and explanation of how our session would work out of the way, it was time for the real magic to begin. As my Reiki session was a distance healing (yes, I confirmed that it would still be just as effective and powerful over distance!) I laid down on my yoga mat and made myself comfortable with pillows and blankets plus an eye mask. Morgan asked for my permission to heal me and once I agreed, the process began.

I describe my Reiki experience as a nap for the soul, but I didn’t actually nap during the process. I was fully awake for the whole session which lasted around 45 minutes. Though I was fully conscious and not asleep, I was still in a beautiful relaxed state, feeling calm and peaceful like a meditation or savasana in yoga. Calming music played in the background whilst Morgan worked on me, moving chakra by chakra through my body, making notes on what she felt and encountered in each energy centre as she went - impressions she shared with me after the session. I didn’t have to do anything but relax as I received my healing, but as a regular to both yoga and meditation, I am used to hovering in the relaxed half-wake state so I simply let feelings, sensations, colours, words, shapes and images come and go in my mind. When Morgan had finished her Reiki healing, she brought me back in my blissful relaxed state to the present moment and gave me time to sit up and arrive back in my body. Before sharing her impressions from the session she asked what I had experienced and I shared that I had seen some colours (for me, it was mainly gold and green) and felt some areas get a little heavier (like my right leg that felt like it had gone to sleep for a moment at one point) and some get lighter (like my heart area which had felt a little restricted and heavy before the session). It was interesting to hear Morgan share what she had experienced during the Reiki session as a lot of what she described made perfect sense to me and matched my own experience of impressions and sensations I had during my healing. For me personally, there were blockages around my throat, solar plexus and crown chakras, which Morgan explained felt as though they were from past experiences that had not been released. She explained that she had given them attention, unblocked them and then filled the space with love instead. A wonderful thought and feeling in itself! After discussing the session, Morgan was so patient in answering my questions - the main one being what do I do after a Reiki session? Besides drinking plenty of water, I was encouraged to rest, reflect (for me this was journalling) and allow any emotions that come up to be recognised and then release them… advice which not only felt perfectly normal after such a healing but made me smile as for me this is totally what self love is all about. Post-reiki I didn’t feel any physically different besides finding my chest a little lighter and less restricted, but I did feel a whole lot lighter mentally and emotionally. The same way you wake from the perfect nap - rested, recharged, refreshed and ready to face what’s next - that’s how I felt on the inside after my Reiki session. I couldn’t imagine a better person to guide me through my first ever Reiki experience than the gentle, kind, loving and nourishing Morgan and though I can definitely say I feel the benefits of a distance Reiki healing, I will be booking my next session at the stunning Self Love Lounge space to make it just that little bit more special.

If you'd like to experience Reiki and explore what it can do for you simply book in online, we offer in salon and distance sessions.

Near or far, Reiki can reach, restore and realign.

Much Love,

The Self Love Team xx

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